Blender Tutorial – Delete all Materials with One Click (QUICK & EASY)

By Abdelilah Hamdani December 16, 2023

Have you ever needed to remove all materials from objects in your Blender scene, perhaps to create a solid render or animation? This tutorial will guide you through a quick and easy method to accomplish just that.

Step 1: Adding an Object

To get started, you’ll need to add an object to your Blender scene. For this example, let’s use a basic cube. To add a cube, press ‘Shift’ and right-click to position the 3D cursor where you want to add the cube. Then, press ‘Shift+A’ to bring up the Add menu, select ‘Mesh,’ and choose ‘Cube.’

Step 2: Check the Cube’s Materials

By default, the cube we’ve just added has no materials assigned to it. To confirm this, go to the ‘Material Properties’ tab in the Properties panel. You’ll notice that it’s empty, indicating that no materials are currently applied to the cube.

Step 3: Select All Objects in the Scene

Now, here comes the clever trick to remove all materials from every object in your scene with a single click. Select the cube you added in the previous step by clicking on it. Next, press ‘A’ to select all objects in your scene.

Step 4: Copy Material to Selection

With all objects selected, navigate to the ‘Material Properties’ tab. Under the material dropdown menu, you’ll see the name of the material assigned to the cube. In our case, it’s empty since the cube has no material. This is where the magic happens.

Click on the material name to select it. Blender will attempt to copy this material to all selected objects. Since the cube had no material to begin with, it effectively copies nothing to all the objects in your scene.

Step 5: Enjoy Solid Renders

And there you have it! You’ve successfully removed all materials from every object in your Blender scene with just one click. Now you can proceed to render solid images or animations without any materials affecting the final output.

This quick and easy technique is a handy tool to have in your Blender arsenal whenever you need to create clean, material-free renders or animations.