Abdelilah Hamdani

Hello there 👋 I'm Abdelilah Hamdani

I'm the Founder, the Lead Instructor here at Reality Fakers and Book Author.

My mission is to create valuable Blender tools, assets and training programs for 3D Artists like You. This will enable you to master Blender effectively, utilize tools for optimal outcomes, and enhance the efficiency of your work.

Think of it this way: instead of spending loads on real-life sets and scenes, I teach you how to create them digitally in Blender. It’s all about being smart, creative, and cost-effective.

If You Can Dream It, I Can Help You Create It – Unleash the Power of CGI.

Every day I learn and teach stuff about the wide world of 3D Design, it's my sole passion and the thing I love most to do. I've been doing digital 3D Freelancing professionally for over 5 years including big projects like Designing a Futuristic Island for Kuwait Election in 2020 (member of a team), 3D Medical Presentations, Gambian Bridge Design, and Reality Fakers courses.

What is the story behind Reality Fakers?

So, what's the story behind Reality Fakers? It’s simple - it began as a dream back in 2018, a dream to make learning 3D Photorealism accessible, enjoyable, and, most importantly, real.

Our courses are designed for the dreamers, the creators, and the artists, whether they’re picking up Blender for the first time or are seasoned veterans looking to polish their skills, Reality Fakers is the place.

We have a variety of courses and tutorials aimed at both beginners and experienced artists interested in mastering the art of creating photorealistic scenes using Blender. Over 25,000 Udemy students have empowered and enhanced their skills and grow their business portfolio's, with 4.5 Instructor Rating and more than 1300 ratings.

Ready to start your Blender journey?