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Lecture 1 - Modeling the Base of the Space Station

Animate a Rocket Launch: Smoke & Fire Simulation in Blender

10 Lessons (1h23min)

Everything You Need About This Lecture

In this course we will create a short film animation of a Rocket Launch. This is a Step by Step Guide to Learn Fluid Simulation including fire & smoke in Blender 2.9

Create a Short film Animation of a Rocket Launch

We will learn modeling:

— Section 1: Modeling

We will learn to model a space station, starting by the base. Adding the supporting column on the left side. Then we will import the Rocket and put it in place

— Section 2: Texturing

We will create different shaders: Metal and assign them to our space station

We will fix the “Blury” smoke by create a specific shader for the smoke to make it look high quality

— Section 3: Fluid Simulation

We will Make Fire & Smoke, then we will add forces to affect our fire & smoke

— Section 4: Animation

We will animate our spaceship going up to the space. We will use the graph editor to control the speed of our rocket

— Section 5: Lighting

We will experiment with the new HDRI map in blender 2.9, changing the altitude to have the space effect

— Section 6: Rendering

After Baking our smoke & fire simulation & animating our rocket going up with the camera pointing to it. We will render our Animation and Achieve our final result


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2 months ago

Great tutorial series, I learned a lot from it and it’s very quick and easy to follow! I will definitely be checking more of them out!

23 days ago

Hello, how am i able to flip the texture on ship? Because the letters are inverted.

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