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Lecture 1 - Match the Scale of the Exterior Scene-

Introduction to Photorealistic Rendering in Blender 2.8

17 Lessons (2h32min)

Everything You Need About This Lecture

What You Will Learn

You will Learn Camera Mapping and Scale Matching using fSpy
You will Learn to create a Realistic Exterior scene from scratch
You will Learn Procedural Generated Texturing in Blender (No External Software will be Used)

Modeling: Learn to Model High Quality Objects

  • Model Sewage Caps & Drainage System
  • Nyon Signs
  • Traffic Cone & Pipes
  • Air Conditionner
  • Trash Can
  • Electric Poles & Wires with Decorations

Realistic Texturing: Learn Procedural Generated Texturing in Blender 2.8

✓ Material 1 – Concrete
✓ Material 2 – Garage
✓ Material 3 – Tiles
✓ Material 4 – Asphalt & Water Puddles
✓ Material 5 – Pavement


Download the Reference

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Download the Assets

Air Conditioner

Trash Can