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Lecture 1 - Learn to Match the Right Scale of the Bridge Scene (Updated)

Build a Cinematic Bridge Environment in Blender 2.9

23 Lessons (4h21min)

Everything You Need About This Lecture

Make a Short Movie Animation in Blender 2.9

From Absolute Beginner to Advanced 3D Animator

The Entire Process, Start to Finish

This is What You Will Learn

Section 1: You will Learn Modeling & Scale Matching

We will Build the 10th Street Bridge based on real references. You will learn all the modeling techniques: Proportional Editing, Modifiers like Array, Bevel, Subdivision to create realistic environments in Blender 2.9


Section 2: You will Learn Realistic Procedural Texturing

You will learn the basics for Creating Realistic textures in Blender using Procedural Texturing.. We will create Wet Asphalt with water puddles on it, Rust Metal… Also we will learn UV

Mapping and how to assign those textures to the Bridge



Section 3: You will Learn Realistic Lighting

We will cover the principles for Achieving Photorealistic Lighting in Blender. Environment Lighting is one of the most important aspects of CGI.. We will learn it & apply it in our Bridge scene


Section 4: You will Learn Realistic Vehicle Rigging

You will Learn how to Rig Vehicles (using Free CarRig Plugin) & We will Make a Short Film Animation ‘BURNOUT’

  • The 4 Conditions to an Excellent Car Rig
  • Generate Rig for the Mercedes Car
  • Apply Car Suspension on Rough Roads for Maximum Realism
  • Regular Traffic Circulation
  • Avoid Obstacle Animation
  • Burnout Start Animation
  • Realistic Camera Movements – Within / Back / Front / Helicopter


I will Help You Achieve This Final Result.. Even If You Are a Complete Beginner

Live Mentoring: I’m offering Free live assistance to help you with any challenge you face along the way.. We will be using Zoom to contact

You also have 90 days money back guarantee.. get them anytime you want


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