Master Character Design in Blender for Unity & Unreal Engine

Master 3D Character Design, Animation & Game Environment in Blender and Build Epic Games in Unity & Unreal Engine


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What You Will Learn

Course curriculum

Section 1 - Modeling 3D Character in Blender

Aligning Character Front & Side Reference Images

3 minutes

Modeling Eyes with Socket

10 minutes

Modeling Character Nose

3 minutes

Modeling Lips & Mouth

10 minutes

Finish Modeling Character Face

12 minutes

Modeling Character Head

7 minutes

Modeling Character Ears

6 minutes

Creating Stylized Hair

12 minutes

Modeling the Upper Body of Character

8 minutes

How to Model a Human Hand

19 minutes

Modeling Character Legs & Feet

12 minutes

Section 2 - Design Character Clothing

Designing a T-Shirt for Our 3D Character

03:17 minutes

Designing Pants for Our 3D Character

04:53 minutes

Designing Shoes for Our 3D Character

14:38 minutes

Section 3 - Unwrapping & Texturing Character

Preparing Model - Make Your Character Game Ready

12:12 minutes

Let's Unwrap our Character

13:27 minutes

Texture Painting Stylized Skin

12:47 minutes

Texturing Character Eyes & Eyebrows

06:42 minutes

Texturing Character Hair

02:06 minutes

Texturing Character Clothing - T-Shirt

05:23 minutes

Texturing Character Clothing - Short

01:53 minutes

Texturing Character Shoes - Sneakers

05:53 minutes

A Way to Transform Your Character into 2D Cartoon Character in Blender

02:02 minutes

Section 4 - Bring Your Character to Live: Learn Rigging & Animation

Fastest Way to Rig Your Character Easily with Blender

13:30 minutes

WALK & Run - Create a Character Walk & Run Animation

11:50 minutes

JUMP - Create a Character Jump Animation

12:41 minutes

IDLE - Create a Character idle Animation

08:51 minutes

Section 5 - Build Your Game Environment

Game Environment 1 - Base Mesh

02:35 minutes

Game Environment 2 - Adding the Walking Path

01:53 minutes

Game Environment 3 - Adding Cracks

02:13 minutes

Game Environment 4 - Adding Up Hills

02:58 minutes

Game Environment 5 - Final Tweaking's to the Game Environment Base

06:41 minutes

Game Environment 6 - Design Wood Bridge I

09:35 minutes

Game Environment 7 - Wood Barrier

06:56 minutes

Game Environment 8 - Design Wood Bridge II

15:05 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Plants

05:12 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Mushrooms

03:09 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Rocks

02:39 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Wood Trunk

04:39 minutes

Scatter Assets in Game Environment using Particles System

14:22 minutes

Unwrapping Game Environment

00:55 minutes

Texture Painting Game Environment using Rocks, Mud & Grass Textures

14:26 minutes

Bake & Export Game Environment as FBX

08:49 minutes

Section 6 - Unreal Engine: Build Your Character Game & Publish it

Let's Install Unreal Engine 5

01:30 minutes

How to Import Game Environment into Unreal Engine

04:43 minutes

How to Import Character into Unreal Engine

01:46 minutes

Adding Custom Collision to Game Environment in Unreal Engine

03:04 minutes

Putting a Camera behind our Character

05:05 minutes

Move Character Forward Backward and Sideways

06:50 minutes

Add Mouse Controllers - Make Camera Look Up Down, Left and Right

03:50 minutes

Add Jump Functionality

02:03 minutes

Set Character IDLE Animation

03:37 minutes

Set Character JUMP Animation

05:11 minutes

Set Character RUN Animation

05:31 minutes

Finalize & Publish Character Game Project on Windows


Section 7 - Unity Engine: Build Your Character Game in Unity

Let's Import Game Environment into Unity

03:19 minutes

Let's Import Our Character into Unity

02:56 minutes

Add Joystick Canvas to Control our Character

02:45 minutes

Make Character Playable in Unity

08:53 minutes

Assigning Animations to Character using Animator Controller in Unity

07:30 minutes

Best Trick to Make Character Smooth Animation Transition

01:18 minutes

Make Camera Follows Character

03:06 minutes

Add HDRI Lighting in Unity

04:08 minutes

Finalize & Publish Character Game on Android

02:15 minutes

Section 8 - Reaching the End of our Character Game Project

Conclusion & What's Next

01:16 minutes

Here's What You Will Get

Level Up Your Skills: Design & Animate Amazing 3D Characters with Blender

Unleash your creativity and design your own character game with this character creation course! Join now and discover how to Design, Animate, and share your very own Awesome Character Game.

Part 1: Character Creation Workshop - Master Modeling and Texturing

Learn how to create captivating characters from scratch. Bring them to life with vibrant textures that make them truly stand out.

Part 2: Animate Your Character - Bring Your Characters to Life

Learn to make your Character Walk, Run, Jump, and express themselves in ways that will captivate players: Walk Animation & Run Animation & Jump Animation

Part 3: Game World Adventure - Craft Amazing Environments

Craft stunning Game Worlds Environment. From magical forests, you'll learn how to build environments that will transport players to awe-inspiring realms.

Part 4: Build Your Character Game - Create and Share Your Masterpiece

Learn how to Make your Character Playable in Unity & Unreal Engines. Then, Publish and share your creation on PCs and Android devices, allowing players everywhere to enjoy your masterpiece.

Our students Feedback


Rating out of 16 reviews

Álvaro García P.


Claro y conciso. Videos cortos y amenos. Se sigue de forma muy práctica. No es tedioso y por tanto invita a seguir haciéndolo.

7 months ago


Nelson 3.


If anybody is asking how to make a great course on Blender, watch this out. This course is made by someone who knows the software very well and wants to teach the best techniques in an objective and clear way. He also gives us the files to learn from and study. He answers all the questions quickly. And covers many subjects, not only one or two. Great course. Hope he makes more.

7 months ago

Meet Your Instructor

Abdelilah Hamdani

Abdelilah Hamdani


Abdelilah Hamdani is a renowned 3D designer with over a decade of experience in creating immersive 3D animations and models. Specializing in Blender, he has contributed to various high-profile projects in the animation and gaming industry. His passion for teaching has led him to share his extensive knowledge with aspiring 3D artists worldwide.

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