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Master Character Design in Blender for Unity & Unreal Engine

Section 1 - Modeling 3D Character in Blender

Aligning Character Front & Side Reference Images

3 minutes

Modeling Eyes with Socket

10 minutes

Modeling Character Nose

3 minutes

Modeling Lips & Mouth

10 minutes

Finish Modeling Character Face

12 minutes

Modeling Character Head

7 minutes

Modeling Character Ears

6 minutes

Creating Stylized Hair

12 minutes

Modeling the Upper Body of Character

8 minutes

How to Model a Human Hand

19 minutes

Modeling Character Legs & Feet

12 minutes

Section 2 - Design Character Clothing

Designing a T-Shirt for Our 3D Character

03:17 minutes

Designing Pants for Our 3D Character

04:53 minutes

Designing Shoes for Our 3D Character

14:38 minutes

Section 3 - Unwrapping & Texturing Character

Preparing Model - Make Your Character Game Ready

12:12 minutes

Let's Unwrap our Character

13:27 minutes

Texture Painting Stylized Skin

12:47 minutes

Texturing Character Eyes & Eyebrows

06:42 minutes

Texturing Character Hair

02:06 minutes

Texturing Character Clothing - T-Shirt

05:23 minutes

Texturing Character Clothing - Short

01:53 minutes

Texturing Character Shoes - Sneakers

05:53 minutes

A Way to Transform Your Character into 2D Cartoon Character in Blender

02:02 minutes

Section 4 - Bring Your Character to Live: Learn Rigging & Animation

Fastest Way to Rig Your Character Easily with Blender

13:30 minutes

WALK & Run - Create a Character Walk & Run Animation

11:50 minutes

JUMP - Create a Character Jump Animation

12:41 minutes

IDLE - Create a Character idle Animation

08:51 minutes

Section 5 - Build Your Game Environment

Game Environment 1 - Base Mesh

02:35 minutes

Game Environment 2 - Adding the Walking Path

01:53 minutes

Game Environment 3 - Adding Cracks

02:13 minutes

Game Environment 4 - Adding Up Hills

02:58 minutes

Game Environment 5 - Final Tweaking's to the Game Environment Base

06:41 minutes

Game Environment 6 - Design Wood Bridge I

09:35 minutes

Game Environment 7 - Wood Barrier

06:56 minutes

Game Environment 8 - Design Wood Bridge II

15:05 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Plants

05:12 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Mushrooms

03:09 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Rocks

02:39 minutes

Design Environment Assets - Modeling Wood Trunk

04:39 minutes

Scatter Assets in Game Environment using Particles System

14:22 minutes

Unwrapping Game Environment

00:55 minutes

Texture Painting Game Environment using Rocks, Mud & Grass Textures

14:26 minutes

Bake & Export Game Environment as FBX

08:49 minutes

Section 6 - Unreal Engine: Build Your Character Game & Publish it

Let's Install Unreal Engine 5

01:30 minutes

How to Import Game Environment into Unreal Engine

04:43 minutes

How to Import Character into Unreal Engine

01:46 minutes

Adding Custom Collision to Game Environment in Unreal Engine

03:04 minutes

Putting a Camera behind our Character

05:05 minutes

Move Character Forward Backward and Sideways

06:50 minutes

Add Mouse Controllers - Make Camera Look Up Down, Left and Right

03:50 minutes

Add Jump Functionality

02:03 minutes

Set Character IDLE Animation

03:37 minutes

Set Character JUMP Animation

05:11 minutes

Set Character RUN Animation

05:31 minutes

Finalize & Publish Character Game Project on Windows


Section 7 - Unity Engine: Build Your Character Game in Unity

Let's Import Game Environment into Unity

03:19 minutes

Let's Import Our Character into Unity

02:56 minutes

Add Joystick Canvas to Control our Character

02:45 minutes

Make Character Playable in Unity

08:53 minutes

Assigning Animations to Character using Animator Controller in Unity

07:30 minutes

Best Trick to Make Character Smooth Animation Transition

01:18 minutes

Make Camera Follows Character

03:06 minutes

Add HDRI Lighting in Unity

04:08 minutes

Finalize & Publish Character Game on Android

02:15 minutes

Section 8 - Reaching the End of our Character Game Project

Conclusion & What's Next

01:16 minutes

Aligning Character Front & Side Reference Images

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